NISEP 2024/2025 List of Schemes

NISEP is an energy efficiency programme for domestic and non-domestic customers. The majority of this funding (at least 80%) is available to vulnerable or “Priority” customers. 

The programme is currently delivered by ten scheme managers and provides funding for the following categories:

  • Priority Whole House Solutions (heating and Insulation measures), 

  • Priority Individual Measures (insulation and various other energy efficiency measures) 

  • and Non Priority schemes (various measures for domestic, commercial and innovative schemes). 

The Utility Regulator has now approved the NISEP Schemes for 2024-25, for full details download the current NISEP List of schemes

To apply:

  • Identify the scheme you want to apply for, check that you are eligible to receive funding and that it is available in your area.

  • Contact the relevant scheme manager via the telephone number or email address provided for further details.

If you want to discuss your options with an energy advisor,  you can also contact the Northern Ireland Energy Advice service online, or call freephone on 0800 111 4455.