Notice of Confirmation of a Provisional Order and associated Notice of Reasons

On 2 August 2019 the Utility Regulator published a notice of intention to confirm a Provisional Order made in respect of Project Plug Ltd t/a Click Energy (“Click Energy”).  The Provisional Order concerned Click Energy’s failure to meet its relevant requirement, under Article 5 of the Renewables Obligation Order (NI) 2009, to make a required NIROC payment to Ofgem within the permitted period. 

No representations or objections have been made in response to the Notice (or a notice sent to Click Energy under Article 43(4) of the Energy (NI) Order 2003 on 2 August 2019).  The Utility Regulator has now confirmed the Provisional Order (with modifications).

Further details are set out in the Confirmed Provisional Order (with modifications).

A notice of reasons for the confirmation of the Provisional Order (with modifications) (as required by Article 62(1)(f) and Article 62(3) of the Energy (NI) Order 2003) is also available.