Notice of Intention to publish an Article 45 (4) notice

19 November 2019

It is proposed that Project Plug Limited pay £228,541, by way of financial penalty, for failing to comply with the requirement to make (on time) a payment into the NIRO buy-out fund for the obligation period ending 31 March 2018.

Having failed to submit the requisite number of Renewables Obligation Certificates in accordance with the requirements of Article 5 of the Renewables Obligation Order (Northern Ireland) 2009 (the 2009 Order), Project Plug Limited failed to make a payment to the Authority under Article 41 of the 2009 Order before 31 October 2018.

On 2 September 2019, the Authority confirmed a provisional order requiring Project Plug Limited to make the required payment.

The Authority now proposes to impose a financial penalty on Project Plug Limited for its failure to make the full required payment on time.

The notice of proposal to impose a financial penalty is here.