Revocation of licence to generate electricity granted to Belfast Power Limited

On 08 June 2021, the Utility Regulator received a request from Belfast Power Limited to revoke its licence for the generation of electricity in Northern Ireland, which was granted on 28 November 2017. By its request, Belfast Power Limited agreed that its electricity generation licence be revoked by the Utility Regulator.

Belfast Power Limited (‘the Licensee’) requested the revocation of its licence as it is voluntarily winding up the company.

The Licensee has not, and has never been, an active generator in the Northern Ireland electricity market. Accordingly, no customers would be affected by the revocation of the licence.

On 30 June 2021, we gave Notice to the Licensee that, in accordance with section 1(a) of Schedule 1 to the electricity generation licence, the licence would be revoked with effect from 30 July 2021.

Belfast Power Ltd Generation Licence Revocation