Summary of the minutes of the First Meeting of the Northern Ireland Authority for Energy Regulation

23 April 2003

The first meeting of the Authority took place on 23 April 2003. The discussions centred on the operation of the Authority, however the Authority also identified a range of strategic issues for future consideration. It was agreed that Mr McIldoon would be known as Chairman of the Authority and Chief Executive of Ofreg.

An Audit Committee was established with Mr Charles Coulthard as Chairman and Mr John Gilliland and Mrs Joan Whiteside as members. It was anticipated that meetings of the Audit Committee would take place 2-3 times per year.

The Authority is required to publish a Forward Work Plan in advance of each financial year however further discussion will be required before the programme for next year can be drawn up.

It was agreed that the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment’s Energy Strategy Paper would be discussed at the next Authority meeting.

The Authority received a presentation from NIE on the proposals relating to the Supply Price Control. NIE also highlighted the benefits to customers of the new keypad meters.

A presentation was also made by a member of OFREG staff on the costs and benefits of the transfer of ownership and operational responsibility of the Moyle Interconnector from Viridian to Moyle Holdings, a not-for-profit organisation.