Update on NISEP list of schemes

08 June 2020

The list of schemes for NISEP 2020/2021 has been agreed and Primary Bidders have been notified. However, the list of schemes is not publically available at present due to the difficulties associated with installing such measures in light of the impact of Covid-19. The schemes will be published when work is expected to begin and in line with government guidance on Covid-19.

When published, this document will provide details on the range of energy efficiency schemes funded through NISEP that are available for domestic and commercial purposes, an overview of each of the schemes and the relevant contact details.

If you are a householder and would like further information about the NISEP schemes available, please contact the Northern Ireland Energy Advice Line. In the first instance, please get in touch via the webform, or email: nienergyadvice@nihe.gov.uk, or you can also call 0800 111 44 55.