Utility Regulator grants derogations to Northern Ireland Water

16 April 2018

Following requests by NI Water, the Utility Regulator issued letters on 22 and 23 March 2018 granting the company time bounded derogations on the submission date for its next Procurement Plan and the ongoing requirement to complete Current Cost Accounts.

A derogation is a direction from the Utility Regulator relieving the company of a licence or legislative obligation. They are only issued in specific circumstances following a request by the company and have a specified duration.

The decision to grant these derogations was taken following a period of engagement with NI Water to consider the implications and ensure that they would not have any adverse impact on our regulatory duties or established regulatory processes.

Copies of the letters granting the derogations and explaining the rationale for our decisions can be accessed below:

Before these derogations expire, we will consider whether minor licence modifications are required to ensure that the regulatory burden on the company in these areas is proportionate.