Utility Regulator publishes its decision on SONI Licence Modifications

05 June 2018


The Utility Regulator (UR) today publishes its decision paper with respect to SONI licence modifications. Licence changes are made with respect to three areas:

1. Exclusion of SONI’s costs in relation to the CMA appeal from the 50:50 risk share mechanism.

2. Explicit provision for SONI to recover fees payable under Condition 8 (i.e. licence fees).

3. An amendment to the Kt adjustment term in order to bridge correctly between price controls.

The decision follows a consultation paper on the same subject which closed on 27 April 2018. UR received three responses to the consultation which can be viewed at the links below.

· SONI - amalgamated response

· Consumer Council for Northern Ireland

· Institute of Directors

The licence paper details our consideration of consultation responses along with our decisions on the relevant aspects. Modifications will become effective on the 01 August 2018.