982 News

New financing arrangements for Gas to the West to save consumers £50 million

03 August 2018

The finance deal secured by WTL means that the cost of debt repayments will be around 35% less than expected

Consultation on proposed licence condition modification for Energy Theft Code of Practice

31 July 2018

The proposed modification applies to electricity and gas distribution and supply licences

Consultation on proposed regulatory instructions and guidance for SONI

27 July 2018

The Utility Regulator is today publishing a consultation on proposals to introduce a regular reporting structure to SONI

Consultation on proposed licence condition modifications for NIE Networks and SONI

26 July 2018

Consultation on the proposed modifications to the TIA licence condition for NIE Networks and SONI

Consultation on new Gas Supply Licence for ElectroRoute Energy Trading Limited

20 July 2018

The UR has today given Notice of its intention to grant a new gas supply licence to ElectroRoute Energy Trading Limited.

Third Party Intermediaries in the Retail Energy Market consultation

17 July 2018

The UR publishes a consultation as a follow-up to its ‘Third Party Intermediaries in the Retail Energy Market’ project

PC21 price control approach document published

10 July 2018

We publish our PC21 approach document today

Cost and Performance report for gas distribution companies published

04 July 2018

Report on key performance areas of expenditure and outputs

Gas to Whitehead Approved

04 July 2018

Extension of gas network to Whitehead