Approval for calculating ID scheduled exchanges

The Utility Regulator has today, 14 March 2019, published its decision on the all TSOs’ proposal for calculating scheduled exchanges resulting from single intraday coupling.

The intraday scheduled exchanges methodology accommodates situations where there is more than one NEMO designated or offering trading services in a particular geographic area. The proposal details the requirements to calculate scheduled exchanges, the information required from all NEMOs for the calculation, the setup of the scheduled exchange calculator, the calculation process, the methodology and description of the required equations.

The Utility Regulator has reviewed the proposal in line with the requirement of the CACM Regulation, the wider objectives of Regulation (EC) 714/2009 and the Utility Regulator’s principle objectives and duties. Through close cooperation and coordination with relevant Regulatory Authorities, an agreement was reached on the 8 February 2019. This all Regulatory Authorities agreement constitutes the reason for this decision. 

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