21 December 2020

Today we are publishing for consultation, our proposed approach to the next price control for gas transmission system operators in Northern Ireland. The GT22 price control period is due to run from 1 October 2022 until 30 September 2027.

Our proposed approach is a further development to that adopted for the previous gas transmission price control, GT17.

Proposed changes include a review of the mechanism for remuneration of the costs of operation of the GMO NI (which was established at the start of the GT17 period), consideration of a materiality threshold applicable to re-openers for the Mutual Energy Limited group of companies and the introduction of a business plan assessment process.

We note that a new Energy Strategy by the Department for the Economy may impact on what is required of TSOs in meeting the challenge of an energy transition for Northern Ireland. We anticipate that this will require additional flexibility in our approach and the need to keep arrangements under regular review throughout the duration of the price control.


GT22 Approach consultation document | Utility Regulator (