Decision on the generation and export of electricity by micro-generators published

Today we are publishing our Micro-generation settlement decision paper.  The decision sets out changes to how micro-generators get credited for the units of electricity they export to the Northern Ireland electricity distribution system

A micro-generator is small-scale plant and equipment used to generate electricity, such as solar panels on the roof of a house. The electricity generated can be used on site, with any electricity not used on site exported to the Northern Ireland electricity distribution system. Consumers who own micro-generators are able to sell this electricity either directly to a supplier or by using the services of an agent.

This decision document will primarily be of interest to anyone with installed small-scale generation equipment, regulated companies in the energy sector, or environmental groups.

This decision follows our consultation in 2021. Following consideration of the responses to the consultation, we approved the implementation of the option to use actual meter reads and removing the ‘deemed’ solution (whereby micro-generators were deemed to have exported 45% on average of the electricity produced to the grid). The new settlement period will come into effect on 1 October 2022.

Our consideration of the responses to the consultation is detailed within the decision paper. Nine responses were received.