Decision on licence modifications to SONI’s Transmission System Operator licence and UR Guidance published

Today we publish our decision and Article 14(8) notice on licence modifications to SONI's Transmission System Operator (TS) licence, alongside a tracked changes and clean version of Annex 1 Charge Restrictions of the revised TSO licence.  

We also publish the UR Guidance decision and guidance documents associated with the Uncertainty Mechanisms, Conditional Cost Sharing and the Evaluative Performance Framework.  We have also published the RAB Model spreadsheet referred to in the new licence.     

The proposed licence modifications are required to give effect to the SONI 2020 to 2025 Price Control Final Determination which was published in December 2020. The guidance documents will aid SONI in the completion of the new work streams and obligations.

Today’s decisions follow our consultations on the Guidance and Licence Conditions in December 2020 and September 2021 respectively.