Decision published on NIE Networks license modifications

18 November 2019

This paper sets out our decision for additional pass through capex modifications to NIE Networks' Transmission and Distribution Licenses.

The modifications are required to provide for NIE Networks to be able to recover any connection charges which:

a.         it is required to pay under and in accordance with the provisions of the Transmission Interface Arrangements (TIA); and

b.         are not (either at present or going forward) recoverable by it (either in its capacity as owner/operator of the distribution system or as owner of the transmission system) through any other means or provision of either licence.  

These modifications will facilitate the recovery of certain costs relating to the connection of the NIE Networks electricity distribution system to the Northern Ireland transmission system in circumstances where the relevant connection is to an existing transmission system asset that has been funded by one or more other connectees in the 10 years prior to the relevant connection.  

Seven responses were received in response to our consultation and are published alongside this decision paper. One response was confidential but was supportive of the proposed changes and requested that the modifications proceed.