Final Approach for NIE Networks next price control published

Today, we publish our Final Approach document for the next price control review for NIE Networks.  This price control review, known as RP7, covers the period 1 April 2025 to 31 March 2031.

We are proposing to start the price control a year later that the timeframe identified within our draft Approach documents. We are extending RP6 by a year to allow greater consultation by NIE Networks with stakeholders. The desire for further engagement was raised throughout responses to our consultation.

The price control review sets new limits on the revenue that NIE Networks can recover from customers in order to operate their business.

On 2 March 2022, we published a draft approach paper setting out our proposed approach to the RP7 price control. We received 9 responses to this draft approach paper.

Having considered all responses and representations made to the draft approach paper, we publish our RP7 price control Final Approach document together with a responses report

The NIE Networks Business Plan Submission will be submitted in March 2023, with a Draft Determination published for consultation in November 2023.

Copies of all documents will be made available in large print, Braille, audio cassette and a variety of relevant minority languages if required.