Launch of consultation on SONI's draft 2023-2032 Transmission Development Plan

Today we are publishing a consultation paper on SONI’s draft Transmission Development Plan for Northern Ireland (TDPNI) 2023-2032.

The TDPNI 2023-2032 sets out proposals for the development of Northern Ireland’s transmission network and interconnection over the coming 10 years.

This plan presents projects that are expected to be needed for the operation of the electricity transmission network in the short and medium-term.

Projects within the plan have been identified as new builds, uprate/modify, refurbish/replace or a combination of transmission network reinforcements, asset replacement projects and details the project drivers for investment. 

The plan details the transmission projects within each specific planning area within Northern Ireland - North and West, and South and East. 

The plan has been prepared in accordance with Condition 40 of SONI’s license. 

We welcome all views on any aspect of SONI's TDPNI.

More information and how to respond can be found in our consultation section.