Opening of formal investigation in respect of SSE Airtricity Energy Supply (NI) Limited

Today, the Utility Regulator (“UR”) announces that it has launched a formal investigation into whether the electricity supply company, SSE Airtricity Energy Supply (NI) Limited, has failed to meet the obligations of its licence to supply electricity. 

Further details of the investigation are available in a Notice that can be accessed via the following link:

UR investigation initiation: SSE Airtricity Energy Supply (NI) Limited

This investigation is being carried out in accordance with the UR’s Policy on Enforcement (2018).  This can be found here:  /files/uregni/media-files/Enforcement%20Approach%20and%20Procedure%20final.pdf

Please note:  The opening of this formal investigation does not imply that any findings about non-compliance have been made.