1016 News

Decision published on modifications to SONI's licence

03 December 2018

The licence changes are to provide certainty of revenues recoverable for capital expenditure projects.

Latest quarterly transparency report on NI’s retail energy market published

30 November 2018

The reports provide a range of information about the electricity and gas energy supply markets in Northern Ireland.

Decision published on Energy Theft Code of Practice licence modifications

27 November 2018

Decision and notice published to introduce a new Energy Theft Code of Practice

SONI regulatory instructions and guidance decision published

26 November 2018

This decision introduces a new reporting structure for SONI

Utility Regulator decision published on AES derogation request

09 November 2018

The decision is in relation to a request from AES Ballylumford Limited to close two of its generating units early.

Decision under Article 14(8) of the Electricity (Northern Ireland) Order 1992 to modifiy the Power NI Energy Ltd’s electricity supply licence

08 November 2018

Today the UR publishes the Decision to modifiy Power NI Energy Ltd’s electricity supply licence

Gas retail supply price controls information note published

01 November 2018

Today we commence our Gas retail price controls project by publishing an information note

Draft Corporate Strategy 2019-2024 published

01 November 2018

Today we launch a consultation on our draft Corporate Strategy 2019-24

Consultation published on NI Water PC21 revenue cap

26 October 2018

Consultation on a revenue cap for NI Water's next price control.

Consultation launched on review of the Consumer Protection Strategy

15 October 2018

Our consultation also includes details of a proposed new consumer protection programme