RP6 Approach

Final approach document

We published our final approach document for RP6 on 22 December 2015.  The responses to our September 2015 consulation were published along with the final approach.

RP6 final approach document and consultation responses

In section 4 of our final approach document we outlined the templates NIE Networks would use to submit their business plan for RP6 to us.  The suite of templates are available to view and download on the RP6 Business Plan Templates (BPT) page of our website.

October 2015 workshop

After publishing our draft approach document we held a workshop for interested stakeholders on Thursday 8 October 2015.  This was an opportunity for us to present our proposed approach on the upcoming RP6 price control and to discuss and gather stakeholder views. The power point slides from the day are available at the link below:

08 October 2015 RP6 approach workshop slides

Draft approach document