Supply Prices

Electricity prices for domestic and I&C consumers are built up from a number of distinct elements within the electricity cost chain, as shown below. In NI Wholesale/generation cost elements (wholesale fuels for power generation and generators’ costs) are the largest, making up around 60% of the bill for domestic customers. Network and policy related costs (the latter usually collected via network charges) make up a further c30% - representing the cost of transporting the electricity from generators to final consumers. Only around the last 10% of the bill results from the costs of running the individual supply companies (Power NI, Budget Energy, SSE Airtricity, etc) who supply and bill end consumers. 

We publish updated electricity prices bi annually within the Quarterly Transparency Reports (QTR’s).  For the electricity prices section of the QTR, we follow the Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS’s) format and methodology.  As a result the average prices for NI are comparable with prices in other EU countries (those published in BEIS’s Quarterly Energy Prices reports and Eurostat data base).

The base figures are all submitted on a quarterly basis by suppliers, split by domestic and non domestic (I&C). The UR performs a high level reasonableness check of the base figures, but the suppliers are responsible for the accuracy of the information that is provided to the UR.