What we do to protect you

Supplier Codes of Practice

As an electricity or gas consumer, you are protected by minimum standards that your energy supplier must follow. These minimum standards are set by the Utility Regulator in codes of practice.

These codes are designed to ensure that gas and electricity consumers, and in particular those that may be in vulnerable circumstances, are protected in their dealings with their electricity or natural gas supplier.

Each supplier must guarantee the minimum standards set out in the Utility Regulator codes of practice and include them in their own codes of practice.

There are four key codes of practice covering the following: 

  1. Code of Practice on Payment of Bills
  2. Code of Practice on Provision of Services for persons who are of Pensionable Age or Disabled or Chronically Sick
  3. Code of Practice on Services for Prepayment Meter Customers
  4. Code of Practice on Complaints Handling Procedure

Your energy supplier is legally required to meet these minimum requirements, and if you as their customer find they have not meet one or more of these minimum standards you can issue a complaint with your supplier; and if they do not resolve the issue, you can contact the Consumer Council NI for help with your complaint.

Further information on all code of practices is available here.