Annual Information Return 2014

In support of our obligation to monitor the delivery of the undertakings contained in NI Water’s business plan, the company provides us with a comprehensive Annual Information Return 2014 (AIR).

AIR14 Reporter Documents

AIR14 NIW Documents

AIR14 Auditor's Documents

We use this information to:
• monitor the company’s progress towards achieving higher quality objectives;
• monitor the company’s progress towards delivering the cost and performance targets set at each price control;
• ensure that customers’ standards of service are protected;
• compare company performance to other companies both now and over time;
• measure and compare their costs; and
• prepare for the next review of price limits.

Independent professionals (reporters and auditors) scrutinise the company’s information return and report their opinion to us.

These returns add additional scrutiny and robustness in relation to information that the company submits.