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We publish some of the information we collect from Retail Energy Market (REMM) in the form of monitoring reports that aim at increasing transparency over the retail energy markets. The quarterly REMM Transparency Reports (QREMM) and Annual REMM Transparency Reports (AREMM) provide a range of information about the retail energy market in Northern Ireland. This includes data on switching rates, market shares, and energy prices. The data included in these reports comes mainly from network companies, energy suppliers, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) and Eurostat.

We publish updated electricity prices biannually within the Quarterly REMM Transparency Reports (QREMM). The electricity prices are published using the same format and methodology as the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ). As a result the average prices for Northern Ireland are comparable with prices in other EU countries (those published in DESNZ Quarterly Energy Prices reports and Eurostat data base).

The base figures are all submitted on a quarterly basis by suppliers, split by domestic and non-domestic (I&C). The UR performs a high level reasonableness check of the base figures, but the suppliers are responsible for the accuracy of the information that is provided to the UR. 

Previous Transparency Reports

Annual Supplier Audits

As part of the Utility Regulator’s Forward Work Programme for 2018/19 we consulted on a second phase of our Retail Energy Market Monitoring (REMM CIMA - Consumer Insight & Market Analysis). In order to progress our objectives under REMM CIMA, the Utility Regulator decided to implement annual supplier audits of compliance. The subject of the supplier audits will vary from year to year. The main objective is to corroborate the REMM data submitted by energy suppliers to the Utility Regulator. By corroborating the quality of the data received, this provides the Utility Regulator with additional comfort that the REMM data is accurate and of sufficient quality. In addition, the audits may also include a review of applicable procedures and processes, ensuring they are best practice and fit for purpose.

By completing annual supplier audits it allows the Utility Regulator to enhance the quality of our publications (such as our Quarterly and Annual Transparency reports), and to better inform consumers on the performance of their energy supplier. Protecting consumers is one of the Utility Regulators primary objectives.

A full list of the audit reports performed each year (the first report published was for the period 2019/20) can be found here:

Publication of Energy Supplier Audits for 2019/20 – Complaints Handling