Call for Evidence - Electricity Connection Policy Framework Review

Energy markets are evolving as we transition to a low carbon economy. The Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 and the NI Executive’s Energy Strategy set out ambitious climate reduction targets that will change both the supply and demand of electricity across Northern Ireland.

The current connection policy framework has helped meet renewable targets while keeping costs down for consumers. However, with new carbon reduction targets and developments within the electricity system as a whole, alongside the Department for the Economy, we are conducting a review of the connection framework to ensure it continues to serve the needs of all consumers.

Getting connected efficiently and at a fair price is important for domestic consumers, businesses and renewable generators alike.

This call for evidence represents the first step of our electricity connections policy framework review. We are seeking stakeholder evidence to assess potential changes to the current connections policy framework in NI and and the costs and benefits of those potential changes.

One aspect of this call for evidence identifies a range of options including the potential to move to a policy framework that would place a greater proportion of connection costs on business and domestic consumers via their electricity bills. This would mean a lower proportion of connection costs are  paid by the connecting party.

Further information on responding to this call for evidence is available within our consultation section.

Responses to this consultation can be made through the Citizen Space online portal.