Call for Evidence launched on electricity distribution tariff reform

The Utility Regulator is undertaking a review process of the distribution tariffs charged by NIE Networks. This is motivated by substantial changes in the way energy is being produced and consumed.

To aid our review of tariffs, this Call for Evidence report sets out the key issues we are considering in relation to the energy transition and potential tariff reform. The energy transition refers to the global shift away from using traditional, non-renewable energy sources, and replacing these with modern, renewable forms of energy. We have undertaken in-depth research to help identify the key ‘drivers of change’ within the energy transition that have implications for electricity tariffs. 

We have engaged with the Department for the Economy in preparing the Call for Evidence, who are currently consulting on their new Energy Strategy, which will be central to how Northern Ireland manages the energy transition.

Our Call for Evidence sets out questions around the key issues we are considering and we invite responses to these. Specifically, we are seeking views on: (i) the priority issues associated with the energy transition; (ii) the role these play in Northern Ireland specifically; and (iii) the tariff reform options that are available to help the market adapt to these changes.

We are seeking views from all interested stakeholders on or before 17:00 on 16 August 2021. Further details can be found on the consultation page - Call for Evidence launched on electricity distribution tariff reform | Utility Regulator (


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