Decision published on revisions to Enforcement Policy

We are today publishing the final decision on revisions to our Enforcement Policy Approach and Procedure document.

Our Enforcement Policy Approach and Procedure sets out the process we will follow when carrying out an investigation or enforcement action. It provides transparency and clarity to all energy/water market participants on how the process will operate, the stages of the process and possible outcomes.

The previous version of the procedure included a clause indicating that it did not apply in respect of matters or decisions that are within the jurisdiction of the SEM Committee. In March 2023, we published a consultation proposing to remove this clause. Having considered the responses to our consultation, we are now publishing the finalised amendments to the procedure and removing the above mentioned clause.

There were three responses received to the consultation:  




The revised Enforcement Policy Approach and Procedure (2024) will come into effect immediately on 31 January 2024.