Decision published on SONI’s 2021-2030 Transmission Development Plan for Northern Ireland

Today we publish our decision paper and the approval of SONI’s Transmission Development Plan for Northern Ireland (TDPNI) 2021-2030.

The TDPNI is the plan for the development of the electricity transmission network and interconnection over the 10 years from 2021. This plan presents projects that are expected to be needed for the operation of the network in the short and medium-term

Our decision follows a consultation on a draft plan, which resulted in 33 responses. Seven responses are published along with our decision paper. The rest of those responding asked that their response remained confidential.

SONI and NIE Networks responded to our consultation responses. These responses are also published with the published consultation responses. Responses are published in full at the links provided.

The paper should also be read alongside SONI’s final version of the TDPNI 2021-2030 and SONI’s report on stakeholder views.