Director General Announces the First Iteration of Interconnector Capacity

13 December 2002

The first iteration of the Interconnector Capacity Auction for the Moyle interconnector and the North-South interconnector was held on Wednesday 11 December 2002. There were a number of products on offer, namely;

3-Year Moyle import 20MW

2-Year Moyle import 20MW

1-Year Moyle import 55MW

1-Year Moyle import (interruptible) 30MW

1-Year Moyle export 80MW

1-Year N-S export 150MW

All available capacity was purchased for the following products;

3-Year Moyle import

2-Year Moyle import

1-Year Moyle import

1-Year Moyle import (interruptible)

No capacity was purchased for the 1-Year Moyle export.

The average successful bid price for all Moyle import products was £4,517.563 MW/month.

The second iteration of the bid process will take place on Monday 16 December when the following capacity will be made available;

3-Year Moyle import 15MW

2-Year Moyle import 15MW

1-Year Moyle import 50MW

1-Year Moyle import (interruptible) 20MW

1-Year N-S export 150MW

A further third iteration may occur on Thursday 19 December should there be any remaining unsold capacity on the Moyle import products.

Please refer to the Ofreg Decision Paper of November 2002 for background details.