Domestic energy consumer guide launched

12 February 2019

Do you have questions about your electricity or gas supply? Have you always been meaning to find out more about switching your electricity supplier? And did you know there are different ways to pay your electricity bill? The answers to these questions and lots more useful information can be found in the new Energy Consumer Guide, published jointly by the Utility Regulator and the Consumer Council.

The Energy Consumer Guide is a summary of the more detailed European Consumer Checklist, which provides practical information to consumers concerning their rights in relation to the energy sector.

Speaking about the leaflet, Kevin Shiels, the Utility Regulator’s director of consumer protection said:

“The energy industry in Northern Ireland has come a long way in recent years; domestic customers now have five electricity suppliers to choose from and consumer protections and standards have increased in both gas and electricity.

“The Energy Consumer Guide provides information to help you switch electricity supplier, which could save you money. It also details the different ways you can choose to pay for your electricity or gas bill, to suit your needs best. If you have a complaint about an energy supplier, the complaint process is also provided.

“As part of our Consumer Protection Strategy, we want to help consumers build their knowledge about energy in Northern Ireland, so you feel confident in dealing with your supplier and making decisions that suit your needs best.”

The Energy Consumer Guide was prepared in conjunction with the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland, who offer independent advice and support to consumers in relation to gas and electricity.

If you would like a leaflet posted to you, please contact the Utility Regulator on 028 9031 1575. The leaflet will also be available from the Consumer Council and can be downloaded from the Utility Regulator’s website