Information note on Electricity Guaranteed Standards of Service and Overall Standards of Performance

This information note provides an update to stakeholders on the progress on the review of the Electricity Guaranteed Standards of Service (GSS) and the Overall Standards of Performance (OSP) project and identifies the next steps in the review process.

The GSS sets out prescribed service levels which individual consumers can expect from electricity companies, including compensatory payment requirements when the company has failed to adhere to the standards (subject to certain exemptions).

The OSP sets out general required standards that are not customer specific and do not carry a compensatory payment if breached.

This document is most likely to be of interest to electricity distribution and supply companies, regulated energy companies, consumer organisations, community and voluntary organisations, natural gas, electricity and water consumers, government and other statutory bodies.

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Sinéad Dynan, Utility Regulator, Queens House, 14 Queen Street, Belfast BT1 6ED