Modifications to Northern Ireland generation and supply licences (I-SEM related)

15 September 2017


In accordance with licence modification procedures set out in article 14 of the Electricity (Northern Ireland) Order 1992 (as amended), the Utility Regulator (UR) is modifying the existing electricity supply licences and electricity generation licences in Northern Ireland to necessitate implementation of the Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM). In order to give effect to the I-SEM, as contained in decisions of the SEM Committee, the Utility Regulator today publishes notices of decision and an accompanying decision paper on licence modifications for I-SEM. 

The decision paper outlines the UR's decisions on the modifications required for the implementation of I-SEM to the following licences: NI electricity ‘standard’ generation licences, supply licences (including DSU), ‘DSU’ generation licences, Power NI (PPB) supply licence and AES Ballylumford generation licence.  

The decisions follow a statutory consultation[1] which was published on 2 June 2017. The statutory consultation can be used as a reference for more background detail on developments in the SEM and the statutory licence modification process followed by the UR.

Any comments or queries on the published decision notices should be sent to Tony Doherty at the Utility Regulator:  

[1] In addition to the statutory consultation, bilateral discussions were held with interested parties (after publication of an open invitation) in March 2017 to provide an initial indication of what modifications were likely to be made to the licences.  Some draft legal drafting was provided, including a draft version of a new ‘NEMO’ condition; from the time of engagement to publication of the licence mod consultation, it was decided not to proceed with a new ‘NEMO’ condition.