Notice of modification to firmus energy’s gas conveyance licence and extension to licensed area

The Utility Regulator in pursuance of its powers under Article 14(3) of the Gas (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 as amended, gives notice of its decision to modify the conditions of the gas conveyance licence held by the Licensee under Article 8(1)(a) of the Order and to allow its licensed area to be extended by reference to specific premises within an Electoral Ward, as well as by Electoral Ward.

The Utility Regulator, also, under Article 8(6) of the Gas (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 as amended, gives notice of its decision to grant an extension to the licensed area of firmus energy (Distribution) Ltd.  The reason for the extension is to allow for the construction of the pipeline infrastructure necessary to facilitate the conveyance of gas to the Ulster Farm By-Products site and also to domestic consumers and commercial properties in the vicinity.

The publication of each notice follows a period of public consultation on the proposed extension. One response was received which can be viewed below.

firmus energy

We have carefully considered this response.  Our detailed response, in respect of the main points raised, can be seen in the decision paper.

The modified firmus energy gas conveyance licence can be viewed here.

The modifications and extension took effect from 24 May 2013.

Copies of each notice will be made available in large print, Braille, audio cassette and a variety of relevant minority languages if required.

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