Revocation of Equo Energy Company Ltd Gas Supply Licence

03 April 2019

In March 2019, the Utility Regulator (“the UR”) received a request from Equo Energy Company Limited (“the Licensee”) to revoke its licence for the supply of gas in Northern Ireland, which was granted to the Licensee on 7 August 2017 (“the Licence”).  By its request, the Licensee agreed that the Licence be revoked by the UR.

The Licensee requested the revocation of the Licence as it does not plan to commence any relevant activities in the Northern Ireland gas market in the near future. The Licensee is not, and has never been, an active supplier in the Northern Ireland gas market.  Accordingly, no customers would be affected by the revocation of the Licence.

On 29 March 2019, the UR gave Notice to the Licensee that, in accordance with section 1(a) of Schedule 2 to the Licence, the Licence would be revoked with effect from 3 May 2019.