PC21 Monitoring Plan

The Utility Regulator issued the final version of its information requirements for the PC21 Monitoring Plan to NI Water on 15 June 2021.

The purpose of the Monitoring Plan is for NI Water to inform the public and stakeholders of the key high level targets it will deliver in the price control period, set within the context of its overall company strategy.  It includes annual targets for each of the key performance measures included in our final determination and is intended to help enable consumers and stakeholders to see the improvements that will be delivered by the funding provided.

NI Water has submitted its final PC21 Monitoring Plan to the UR.  It has also published the plan on its website, in accordance with the timeline stated in our information requirements.

The company’s plan identifies the targets it will deliver during the six year PC21 price control period (covering 2021-22 to 2026-27) and includes:  

  • A summary of its strategy for delivering water and sewerage services over the next 25 years;

  • A summary of the benefits that will be secured through successful delivery of its plan;

  • Two prescribed tables, one for water and the other sewerage, containing a summary of the key outcomes being delivered during PC21;

  • An overview of how NI Water will ensure successful delivery of its plan.