PC21 Information Requirements

The Utility Regulator published its PC21 Information Requirements  on 15 March 2019.  Links to each element are provided below.

These defined the information that NI Water needed to submit in its business plan to allow us to set price limits for the 6 year period from 2021 to 2027.  This included the company’s overall strategy for the delivery of water and sewerage services and supporting information on expenditure and outputs.

The information requirements do not constrain the development of the company’s plan.  The company still has to develop and submit plans which provide an efficient and effective service to meet the needs of its consumers.

The company submitted its Business Plan for the PC21 period to the Utility Regulator at the end of January 2020 in response to these requirements.

PC21 information requirements Index

 Document title
GeneralGeneral Guidance
Chapter 1Company Strategy
Chapter 2Operational Costs and Efficiency
Annex 2AOperational Costs and Efficiency - Definitions
Chapter 3Capital Investment
Annex 3ACapital Investment – Definitions
Annex 3B Asset Maintenance
Annex 3CAsset Inventory
Chapter 4Outputs
Annex 4AOutputs - Definitions
Chapter 5Financial Model and Tables
Annex 5AFinancial Model and Tables – Definitions
TablesPC21 Business Plan Tables
TablesPC21 Efficiency Analysis Information Request (draft)
TablesPC21 Financial Model Tables (draft)