Project Plan Updates

The development of the new wholesale market, the I-SEM, is being delivered in three phases. 


I-SEM phases

Phase 1, the agreement on Principles and Objectives and Phase 2, scoping and decision on the High Level Design have been completed with all relevant materials published.  These can be accessed in the I-SEM section of this website or via 

Following the decision on the High Level Design, the project is now in the third and final phase, detailed design and implementation.  This phase focuses on the work needed to ensure the new market is live by Q4 2017.  This phase will deliver the key work streams, systems development and market participant readiness that are required to deliver the market on schedule.

Quarterly Updates
In order to keep stakeholders informed of progress and development of Phase 3, the RA’s committed to publish quarterly updates.  The updates include a copy of the project plan and indicate any revisions to the project plan from those previously published.  They also include updates from the SEMC in relation to the delivery of the I-SEM.

Please click the links below to view the most recent quarterly updates.