Cancelling my contract with an energy supplier

Can I cancel my contract?

  • If you are thinking about cancelling your contract, please read the terms and conditions in your contract.

  • You might have to give a set period of notice to your supplier before you leave, or there might be charges for leaving a fixed term contract before it expires.

  • If your electricity or gas supplier plans to increase their prices, they must give you at least 21 days advanced notice, remind you that you have the right to cancel the contract, and tell how you can do this. 


How do I find information on a contract with my energy supplier and the terms and conditions?

  • Your supplier must give you a copy of the Terms and Conditions of your contract.

  • If you have lost your contract, you can ask your supplier for a copy.

  • Your supplier will also have a full set of Terms and Conditions on their website.


What should I do if I think that one of my contract terms has been changed without adequate notice?

  • Contact your supplier in the first instance.  If you are still unhappy contact The Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022 as a first step for advice.