Your energy supplier is leaving the market

What happens if my energy supplier leaves the market?

  • If your electricity or gas supplier stops trading we will transfer you to another supplier.
  • You will not experience any interruption to the supply of your electricity or gas.

  • You will be sent detailed information if your supplier stops trading.

  • This will include details of your new supplier and tariff and how to get in touch with your new supplier. 

  • Further materials such as answers to frequently asked questions will also be provided to address any further queries you may have.  Throughout this process you will be kept informed and there will be no interruption to your supply.


What impact would this have my bill?

  • If you are moved to a new supplier, you will be placed on the standard tariff for that supplier. 

  • Details of the tariff will be communicated to you directly. 

  • You are free to switch supplier following this transfer should you feel another supplier better suits your individual needs.