Renewables Grid Liaison Group

The  Renewables Grid Liaison Group was set-up in 2012 in response to the Northern Ireland Executive’s 40% renewable energy target, to facilitate a coordinated response from the electricity industry. The group includes representatives from the Utility Regulator, SONI Ltd, NIE Ltd, and the renewable generation sector.
The purpose of the group is:

a) To discuss and facilitate progress in the development of Northern Ireland’s electricity grid and renewable connections, in order to achieve the 40% renewable target;

b) To help ensure there is effective communication and progress on generation connections and related policy implementation;

c) To share relevant information and provide updates on progress in respect of all matters relating to the issues under consideration;

d) To communicate, as required, with other stakeholders and stakeholders groups where this is required to address the issues under consideration by the group;

e) To identify and act upon other issues that the group considers merit consideration and prioritise as appropriate.

 The group is not a forum for resolving matters which relate to specific renewable projects.  Albeit individual projects may inevitably be referred to for illustrative purposes only.
A copy of the full terms of reference for the group can be found using the link below:

 To provide transparency to all stakeholders, the minutes of the meetings will be published below. We will also publish a regular report on the amount of generation that has been connected and the amount of demand that has been supplied from renewable sources.
Meeting minutes and other documents by date: